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About EuroApe

EuroApe 2017

EuroApe the most important Rally for Ape Piaggio lovers.
The first EuroApe, 2008 Pontetedera Italy, was born from the Ape lovers idea,Ape Club d'Italia, to built an Event where all the Ape passionate could meet to share what some have defned
"a strange passion"

The story of the best-known commercial vehicle by italian, and not only, starts from far. Immediately after the war, the late 40s, were many difficulties that the newly formed Republican Italy was faced. Among these, however, one of the most pressing was mobility. Not only private and personal but also the commercial and professional transportation. Starting from the idea of ​​Enrico Piaggio and the technical design of Corradino d'Ascanio was born ​​one of the most popular solutions to the world of light commercial transport: the three-wheeler Ape.

At first it was a simple Vespa, the noble cousin,cut and with the addition of a body for the transport of various goods; the minimum solution, basic but essential to restart Italy to the post-war work.An evolution continues then accompanied Ape through the years making them take their own unique character and immediately recognizable anywhere in the world.

70 years long history

From this growing passion to EuroApe the passage was short.
EuroApe is a very structured event that follows a very precise specifications.
First of all to host the event are selected Municipalities and small villages or areas very characteristic and very attractive from the tourist point of view. the rules provide for a stronger involvement of the territory including local productive activities and highlighting the gastronomic quality. Codroipo and Villa Manin enthusiastically welcomed the proposal to host the 2017 EuroApe edition.

EuroApe 2017 is open to all members of the Ape Club of Italy or aspiring.
During EuroApe, in fact, it is on the Secretariat of the Club for receiving the Club subscriptions.
Given the characteristics of the vehicle Ape not really designed for long trips, the organization prepares a number of car transporters for transport.
The car transporters load from Dealers defined and identified by the Organization the vehicles of the participants a few days before the Event .
The Car Transporters number is limited! Hurry to register and reserve a place for your Ape!.
For this service a symbolic contribution is request in addition to the registration fee (10 Euro)
Euroape 2017 is divided into two and a half days. All fun activities all included in the participation fee as well as catering. Only it excluded the dinner on April 9 (*)
Remains at the participant's choice the reservation of accommodation.

Clich here to book your accomodation.

Download the PDF program (IT language)

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